Heuristic evaluation - Use cases

Heuristic evaluations allow you to uncover potential usability problems of a website or application by using a variety of known ergonomic criteria (Nielsen, Shneiderman, Bastien & Scapin).

Generally, 3 to 5 experts create an independent site evaluation according to a selection of heuristic criteria. The experts review the entire site and record their observations.

Produce Heuristic Evaluations Easier Than Ever With Capian!

Capian is unique in that it allows for live evaluation of usability issues without having to leave a website. Capian checks websites and mobile apps based on your custom heuristics evaluation checklist (our tool uses classic and personalized ergonomic criteria). No need to resort to outside resources – everything you need to produce a thorough UX report is integrated into Capian.

Your Capian-generated usability report is also easily shared and up-and-coming updates will allow you to collaborate with multiple users on the same report. Your UX evaluation and production process has never been easier than with Capian! Check out the usability report template made for Uber using our UX tool.

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