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Created by UX professionals, Capian allows you to streamline your UX review process and team collaboration.

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Current UX review process

UX reviews shouldn’t take that long!

If you’re like most UX professionals, you’re probably bouncing from one tool to another to grab screenshots and make annotations to upload to your UX review... Not to mention, the dreadful document formatting process! All of these unnecessary steps affect your productivity.

And, it doesn’t end there! Once you’ve shared with colleagues and stakeholders, your review triggers an endlessly confusing thread of email replies that are completely out of context. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s quite overwhelming!

UX review process streamlined with Capian

Making collaborative UX reviews a breeze!

Make your life easier and become more productive. Use Capian to streamline your team’s workflow and unleash your full potential!

Finally, a review tool created for UX professionals!

UX review streamlined with Capian Chrome Extension and mobile app

Focus on your expertise

Browse, capture, and annotate your findings from any device with our Chrome extension and mobile app.

With the built-in UX criteria and best practices, you can focus on your review process instead of wasting time with countless tools. Speed and simplicity at your reach!

UX review team collaboration streamlined with Capian

Improve the user experience as a team

Invite teammates to help you review a website or application. Based on your permission preferences, they’ll be able to upload screengrabs of their own, make recommendations, and leave comments. Regardless, you’re always in total control!

Share your review with key stakeholders and encourage them to discuss findings in context. So long useless meetings and messy email threads!

Sample UX review generated by Capian

Deploy UX organization wide

As industry professionals, we know just how difficult it is to “sell” UX to certain colleagues. With Capian, you can review UX as a team or while you’re on the fly, and keep everyone in the loop from beginning to end.

Break the cross-functional silos and make collaboration integral from development, to design and deployment.

More UX features to love

UX reviews of all kinds

Create a wide range of UX deliverables: Expert reviews, UX audits, Heuristic evaluations, Cognitive walkthroughs, Accessibility evaluations, User Experience optimization and even website teardowns.

Customizable criteria

Add your own criteria to Capian and make it your own. Share your favorite criteria with us and we’ll include it in the default listings.

Smart formatting

Recommendation reviews are automatically generated so you don’t have to do any manual formatting. There’s no need to wrestle with fussy text editors, or even lift a single finger!

Insightful statistics

Precise data is critical to understanding the issues at stake. With better insight you can easily prioritize with confidence and spot any recurring issues quickly.

Team collaboration

Work as a team to pinpoint issues, detail your findings, and add depth to your recommendations. Make your Capian review clear, complete and comprehensive.

How UX professionals use Capian

UX review – Uber

UX review – Uber

Mobile app and web site

UX audit – Humanware

UX audit – Humanware

Information and e-commerce website

Interface review – Loto-Québec

Interface review – Loto-Québec

Websites and mobile applications

Using Capian to improve UX as a team

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