Affiliate Program

We share the same challenges

We've all been caught up in a meeting that could have been settled by email. Your customers and employees also experience it. Help them get better prepared.

Capian is designed to support work teams in their daily tasks to collaborate, optimize, and deliver their digital products much faster and more efficiently.

Capian's affiliate program brings together the best of both worlds. It's designed to help your customers achieve their goals while providing you with the most attractive compensation. In addition to saving hours of work on each digital project, you get new monetization opportunities!

Together, let's do more, better

Be Rewarded

By referring potential new Capian users to us, you could benefit from a recurring commission of 30% for each referral you send us that ends up a paying customer, as long as your referrals keep an active paid account with Capian.

Your clients own their accounts, and you benefit from a partner platform to work with them efficiently and simply.

How to become an affiliate?

It's simple : Send us potential customers, we handle it from there, including customer support.

Precondition : Be or have been an active Capian customer (if you are not yet a Capian customer but would like to be a reseller, contact us, we will evaluate your situation on a case-by-case basis).

Need more information? Make an appointment for a short demo. We will give you all the information about the program and make sure it suits your needs.


How much is the commission?

The commission paid is 30% on each of the subscriptions paid by your referrals.

When/how will I be paid?

Commissions are paid monthly via a Paypal account.

Will my clients pay for their own Capian accounts?

Yes, your clients will have to pay for their own Capian accounts in order for you to benefit from your advantages.

Do I only get a commission on the monthly and annual subscription?

You will get a commission on the monthly or annual subscription that your customer chooses.

How do I add customers to my affiliate account?

You must be a Capian customer yourself to receive your commissions (if this is not the case, contact us and we'll talk this through). You will be instructed on how to add your clients once you have registered with the affiliate program.

What happens if my customers stop using Capian and stop paying?

Customers will be removed from your referrals the moment they stop paying, so you will stop receiving commissions at the same time.

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