Cognitive Walkthrough - Use cases

As part of your cognitive walkthrough process, you must navigate webpages in the mindset of an internet user in order to accurately evaluate the usability of a site. You must take into account the feasibility of each possible action for a typical user and record your observations.

Capian, Your New Cognitive Walkthrough Tool!

Capian can help with cognitive walkthroughs. Capian allows you to rapidly report problems as you navigate a site. Once the problem has been identified, all you have to do is activate the Capian browser plug-in to start taking live notes! You can, for example, attach a description of the expected task sequence, a detailed presentation of a problem, or a proposed correction to your notes. In this way, your entire evaluation can be turned into one report.

Although standard heuristic evaluation criteria are built into the app (Nielsen, Shneiderman, Bastien & Scapin), you can justify your points with the help of customizable criteria, such as the four questions belonging to cognitive inspection:

  1. Will users try to perform appropriate actions?
  2. Will users know which appropriate actions are allowed and available to them?
  3. Will users associate desired effects with appropriate actions?
  4. When actions are taken, will the user be aware of processing?

Overall, Capian allows you to create thorough reports with ease without leaving a site.

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