Price for schools and educational institutions

Are you a teacher, a continuing education center, a professional training center or a student?
We offer you a special rate for education!

Teach more effectively about expert evaluations, ergonomic criteria and heuristics, interface reviews, benchmarks, and UX/UI audits.

Capian is an online software created by UX professionals, allowing you to streamline interface review processes and collaboration among students and with professors. It caters to anyone involved in digital products, such as UX professionals, product managers, product owners, and even project managers. It's also an excellent application for educational purposes.

Most schools and training centers offering courses focused on user experience teach their students expert evaluations and interface reviews. The trainers aim to introduce new methods to make their students' lives easier, for example, by using software like Capian, and also enable them to work and collaborate more effectively with their peers.

Interventions can be arranged upon request from the professors, such as demonstrations, conferences, case studies, and use cases.

Capian, the all-in-one tool for interface evaluations.

University and Continuing Education

Capian is a fantastic asset for learning for students in continuing education and professional training. Your students can use it to become familiar with the interface evaluation and expert process, learning through hands-on work as the criteria grids are well detailed and exploration happens progressively. It's concrete and applied learning

Capian in Expert Books

Capian is the only dedicated tool for conducting evaluations in the market. The solution is taught and increasingly used by major players in the field and training centers. Moreover, it is mentioned in several recognized expertise books published and endorsed by many renowned professionals.

How does Capian work ?

During the evaluation, capture issues while navigating a website or web application and then organize your evaluation. Once you're done, the online report is generated automatically, without any manual formatting, and it's easy to share with your collaborators. Students can send you a web link, and you can annotate their work either in a general manner or provide point-by-point comments.

Capian integrates comprehensive and detailed cognitive ergonomics grids, such as Bastien & Scapin ergonomic criteria, the Jakob Nielsen's usability heuristics, the criterias of Amélie Boucher, Shneiderman's interface rules, the Colombo and Pasch evaluation criteria, Arhippainen's UX heuristics as well as Opquast Web Quality checklists. It is also possible to add custom criteria as needed.

They have adopted it for teaching

Capian simplifies the teaching process for professors, guest speakers, and course instructors, allowing them to validate assignments and introduce students to new methods. This tool is essential for supporting and facilitating students' work in the industry, and it's indispensable for helping these education professionals foster their expertise. They are shaping the future teams of digital product professionals.

The special offer for universities and training centers

The licenses should be allocated for a year or for one academic session to students and users (professors and trainers) who require them for educational purposes. Within this preferential agreement, the licenses are not re-allocated between sessions or during the current academic year.

Option 1

Your students need access to Capian for more than 1 month in their learning cycle

  • 33% discount on the regular price of licenses for students

  • Up to 2 free licenses for professors or training coordinators

Option 2

Your students need access to Capian for less than 1 month in their learning cycle

  • 5% discount on the regular price of licenses for teachers or trainers

  • Extension of the trial period to one month, instead of the usual 7 days