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Teach UX expert reviews, heuristic evaluations and ergonomic criteria more effectively.

Capian is an online software created by UX professionals that streamlines the process of UX reviews and allows collaboration between students and professors. It allows students to focus on learning the review process and the criteria instead of wasting their time formatting reports. It is useful for multiple digital jobs, especially UX professionals, product managers, product owners, project managers and developers.

Collaboration in the workplace is more important than ever. Capian allows UX reviewers to collaborate with one another and to share their findings to the project stakeholders.

Capian is a great asset to learning for students in continuing education and professional training. Your students can use it to become familiar with the expert review process and learn while doing real-work, practical work. It is the only tool made specifically for UX expert reviews. Since Capian is increasingly used by corporations and training centers, having your students learn how to use it is a great asset for your program.

How Capian works

Students captures their findings while using a site or web application with our Chrome Extension and send them to Capian (we also offer mobile apps). When they're done capturing findings, they organize them, add more details and share the project with their collaborators. No need to create and format a report! As a teacher, students sends you a link to their review. You can then read it and add comments to their findings to help refine their skills.

Capian integrates complete and detailed heuristics and criteria, such as Jakob Nielsen’s usability heuristics, Shneiderman’s golden rules, Bastien & Scapin ergonomic criteria, Arhippainen’s user experience heuristics, Colombo & Pasch’s heuristics for an optimal user experience and Amélie Boucher criteria. You can also add custom criteria.

Pricing options

1. Students need Capian more than 1 month during their learning cycle

2. Students need Capian less than 1 month during their learning cycle

3. Don't find what you're looking for?

Licenses can be re-assigned during the year to students and users (teachers and trainers) who need them for teaching purposes.

Who's using it for teaching?

Renowned French authors and researchers have adopted it: Christian Bastien, Raphael Yharrassarry, Carine Lallemand and Guillaume Gronier are among our users and use Capian to teach UX reviews.

Lallemand and Gronier mention Capian in their UX Design Methods book.

They teach UX more efficiently with Capian

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