Professional Services

Ensure the success of your digital products

Need a helping hand? Our experts work with you through the various stages of digital product and service design to ensure your business success.

The combined use of our proven collaborative UX methodology and deep domain expertise ensures you create value and generate tangible results.

Consulting Services

Capian's team of experts helps companies take a step back to get an external, neutral view of their digital properties, whether they are web, mobile, desktop, business applications, software packages or other.

This expert consultative exchange allows you to improve your product or service with a view to offering better products and services and enhancing your user experience concretely through tangible results.

Tell us about your need or issue, we can guide you.

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Evaluation and implementation of methodologies

From experience, the Capian team knows how important it is to implement good methodologies in digital production departments. Our experts are here to guide you through the right steps to structure a UX department as well as ensure proper collaboration between departments to deliver digital products more efficiently, on time.

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UX/UI Audit Assistance

If your own team needs help with auditing and interface reviews, either to affirm their knowledge or out of a need for velocity, Capian's experts can assist with this work to ensure the best possible results and ensure best practice implementation.

This assistance can be provided throughout your project or at key milestones to validate its direction and results.

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Coaching and training

From trainings of a few days to personalized coaching over a few weeks, our team can help you structure your interface improvement, delivery and UI/UX optimization processes.

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Need more?

Capian was created by UX/UI experts for other experts. If you need help, coaching or training, our in-house department UX-co is happy to assist you.

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