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Capian is the leader in UX/UI design in Quebec and Canada

Through our expertise in user experience, we support SMEs in Quebec and Canada in their user interface development projects, from proof of concept (POC) to execution, including the establishment of UX/UI design processes, interface audits, UX/UI reviews, and also the structuring of digital projects, in order to ensure the success of your digital projects.

Services exclusively of UX/UI provided by 100% UX/UI designers

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Capian offers 3 ways of working together

Customized offers always include an operating license for the solution as well as the design fees per required production day.

Licenses only

Use of the Capian solution

Licenses starting at 59$ / month

Purchase licenses only according to your needs.

Monthly or yearly commitment (33% discount).

A time savings of 70% on your digital projects.

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Design agency

Incubation of your projects in the agency

Licenses starting at 159$ / month
Services starting from 3,900$

Our UX/UI designers offer you customized, occasional support for your project.

When you lack time, of know-how, or have needs for coaching or for additional expertise.

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Expertise staffing

Integration into your teams

Licenses starting at 369$ / month
Services starting from 5,000$ / month (minimum 3 months)

Have an experienced designer on your projects and benefit from having the expertise of an entire team by your side.

UX/UI experts corresponding to your business domain, who integrate 100% into your teams.

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Our UX/UI expertise tailored to your needs

Digital transformation through user experience and employee experience.

We know that investing in consulting can be perceived as risky. We've all heard stories of misunderstandings, loss of knowledge, feeling overcharged or paying for nothing, and noticing a lack of involvement.

We know that resorting to consulting is a plan B. What excites us is being your plan B to achieve your plan A.

It's time for you to have THE user interface specialist: the best person with the exact skills for your project.

Through our hyper-specialization in user experience, we have the exact UX/UI designer profiles for your projects, who will bridge the gap between human-machine interfaces and programming interfaces.

« Your digital development projects are unique because your organization has its own challenges. »

Our teams are talented professionals in design

Design is one of the best solutions for Time to market (TTM), or launching products and services on time and on schedule.

It also means shorter development times, saving you an average of 300% on technical budgets, resulting in a return on investment between $2 and $100 for every $1 invested.

In order to better position yourself in your markets and outperform your competitors, on-time deliveries (Just in Time), and design processes are there to propel you towards achieving your goals.

« Waking up every morning and tackling new challenges is their passion, their fuel. »

We thrive on providing tangible, accessible, applicable, and measurable solutions.

Our teammates have a burning passion for tackling challenges in customer experience and employee experience.

Interactions too complex?
We simplify them
An unsatisfactory acquisition or conversion process?
We analyze and design them so that lead conversion meets expectations.
A market fit puzzle?
Together, we co-design the processes
A visual design issue?
We will make sure you stand out. 

Our expertise for the success of your projects

CRO, UX/UI, UX, CX, full-stack design, digital transformation

UX Strategy

  • UX Ergonomic Audit
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • User Testing & Field Research
  • Design Sprint & Design Thinking
  • Service Design

UX Design

  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Mapping, Card Sorting, Service Blueprint
  • Design System and UX Components
  • User Journey
  • Personas

UX audit

  • UX Ergonomic Audit
  • UX/CX Roadmap
  • UX/UI Benchmark & Monitoring
  • Optimization and Conversion
  • Cognitive Ergonomics & Interface
  • Data Analysis & KPI

UI Design / Product design

  • User Flows & Scenarios
  • Finalized Mockups & UI Components
  • Responsive & Adaptive Design
  • Inclusive Design
  • Interaction Design and UI Patterns
  • UI Trends and Moodboards

Conversion and Optimization (CRO)

  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Engagement & Metrics Analysis
  • Improvement of UX/UI Designs
  • A/B Testing & Implementation of Recommendations
  • Heat Map & Data Collection

Training and Coaching

  • Technical Design Tools
  • Co-creation & Design Workshops
  • Innovation & Strategies
  • UX & Design Leadership Coaching
  • Internal and Remote Training
  • UX/UI Design Methods

Why choose Capian's team members?

Our expertise is here to meet your needs, whether they concern websites, web applications, mobile applications, software, SaaS, IoT, software packages, ERP and others

Expertise Center in Design

Get privileged access to Capian events, our training courses, content, conferences, workshops, and the latest best practices.

You benefit from direct access to proven best practices.

Save time by learning about successes and failures, thanks to the feedback from experienced experts.

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Working with experts

A team of experienced, passionate, and authentic UX/UI designers.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of cognitive engineers, computer engineers, usability specialists, designers, and product managers, all committed to a common goal: creating the experience of tomorrow.

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A unique approach

A UX/UI designer or digital advisor is never alone on projects.

For one expert on your projects, you automatically benefit from several minds working for the success of your project.

Our teammates are always doubled on projects, but not your budget.

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Capian is your guarantee of success in everything related to digital design.

We offer a unique support structure in North America, and particularly in Quebec.

Let's talk about your digital projects!

We are digital product design consultants.

Specific request or just curious?

Via video call or over coffee at our offices?

Join the Capian adventure, and let's successfully deliver your digital projects together

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