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Quick capture

Quick capture

Never leave your browser

Quickly grab issues while browsing with our extension and stay focused on your review.

Perfect for mobile sites and apps

Easily snap and save issues from responsive websites and native mobile apps.

Just enough detail

Add only the details you want to keep and save the fine tuning for later.

Review criteria, tag, and flag

Categorize your findings based on your criteria or flag any important issues to make them easier to process later.

Editable reviews

Editable reviews

Endlessly editable

Make more text and annotation edits, even after you’ve captured your screengrab.

Easy website annotation

Add notes to improve clarity, include drawings to demonstrate an idea, or blur out confidential data.

Organize, filter and sort

Reorder and filter issues to give your team a better project overview.

Import and store extras

Add any other captures for the project to use Capian as a wireframe annotation tool.

Project organization

Project organization

Organize project captures

Each review as its own project, or every site section as a project. It’s your workspace, you decide.

Control accesses

Make projects editable, mark them as read-only, or lock certain sections to prevent unwanted changes.

Archive completed projects

Store finished projects online in an easy-to-find archive. Out of sight, out of mind.

Search and filter projects

Quickly find active or archived projects when you need them using searchable filters.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Add contributors

Invite team members to contribute to your project by including issues, adding annotations, and commenting.

Discuss in context

Encourage teammates to ask questions, leave comments, or flag issues right from within Capian.

Invite stakeholders to read and comment

Allow internal or external stakeholders to access projects so they can go over the findings and improvements.

Manage the team

Seamlessly manage cross-functional teams and enable specific project permissions.

Instantly generate online reports

Instantly generate online reports

Formatting-free document

Save time with a report that’s ready-to-go! No manual formatting required.

Crunch the numbers

Get the facts straight with statistics that highlight frequent issue types, severity distributions, and more.

Share with a private link

Keep your review safe and sound with an access code, and choose whether to enable comments.

Export as a PDF or a PPT file

Because sometimes a good ol’ PPT can come in handy. You just never know!

More reasons to love Capian

Report customization

Brand your professional report with your company logo before sharing it with a client.


Get notified when colleagues leave comments, make changes, or add new issues to your project.

Custom tags

Tag all issues on the fly to make categorization easier down the line.

Personalized criteria

Categorize your issue findings according to your organization’s criteria.

Standard UX criteria

Built-in with the most popular UX criteria and best-practices.

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