Amélie Boucher's Ergonomic Criteria

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One of the main reasons for including Amélie Boucher's criteria is the ease of use. We wanted to simplify the heuristics we offer so that any professional could reference them in Capian. The goal is that professionals who don't wish to complete an exhaustive cognitive analysis of a site can work quickly and that their client knows the core information necessary for a positive result.

The simplification of cognitive criteria brings an ease to UX specialists who wish to create analyses more quickly and with the same efficiency that Capian has always offered them. Amélie Boucher's guidelines are inspired by Bastien & Scapin, often used by experts for state-of-the-art cognitive ergonomics.

1. Architecture

The site is well organized.

2. Visual Organization

The page is well organized.

3. Logic

The site capitalizes on internal learning.

4. Conventions

The site capitalizes on external learning.

5. Information

The site informs the user and responds to them.

6. Understanding

The words and symbols are carefully chosen.

7. Help

The site helps and guides the user.

8. Error Control

The site expects the user to make mistakes.

9. Speed

The user does not lose time.

10. Freedom

The user is in command.

11. Accessibility

A site that is easy for all to use.

12. User Satisfaction

The navigation is pleasant and meets the expectations of the user.

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