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Building a better world, one product at a time, and never forgetting who we do it for: the human. Our decisions will always be to serve, help, and simplify the lives of our users. Every morning, we look forward to getting back to work to support our clients. We know each client, we love them for what they strive to build, because we understand the effort it takes.

Laure Gabrielle Chatenet — CEO of Capian & UX-co

Our motivation, your passion

We work with the passion to equip you better, to support you in your mission of designing better digital products and services.

Our team

When you write to us, it's always a human responding! Here, there are no AI chatbots or other dehumanized systems.
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Behind Capian are talents: UX experts, UX and UI designers, digital transformation advisors, UX/UI trainers, developers, integrators, and customer relationship managers. A complementary and multidisciplinary team.

  • Picture of Jean-Michel


    CTO support

    Customer support, technical advice, product feedback and client follow-up, he's the one who responds to you

  • Picture of Laure Gabrielle

    Laure Gabrielle

    Sales and partnerships

    For partnerships, sponsorships, quotes, and UX/CX inquiries, she handles all these communications.

  • Picture of Olivier


    Front-End developer

    From mockups to reality, he works the magic of front-end development.

  • Picture of Marie-Jeanne


    Front-End developer and integrator

    She is the finesse of design, bringing web and app interfaces to life.

  • Picture of Nicolas


    UI design

    Design system, Figma, and requirement analysis, a beautiful talent on the team.

  • Picture of Francis


    Partner and client relations

    Thrives on human connections, infectious enthusiasm, he is the friendly voice of professional services.

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