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To optimize communication between UX and CX experts with developers, Capian allows you to export your UX audit reports (either in their entirety or specific captures) to GitLab. This integration facilitates the consideration of your UX recommendations by your development team, by integrating them directly into their usual working environment.

To export, configure your integration in the Capian menu, and new export options will appear in the reports and cards.

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The 5 benefits of exporting your Capian audits and reports to GitLab

  1. Speed of work: Exporting your UX audits to GitLab accelerates the implementation of recommendations by avoiding delays related to manual information transfer.

  2. Fluidity: Integration with GitLab streamlines task tracking and progress, providing all stakeholders with a real-time view of the status of UX improvements.

  3. Improved communication between departments: By exporting to GitLab, you centralize information related to UX improvements and facilitate exchanges between design, marketing, product, development, etc. This allows for better understanding of common goals and strengthens collaboration between different departments.

  4. Interface optimization to better serve users: By integrating your Capian audits with GitLab, you enable teams to work more consistently and effectively to improve the user experience, both for employees (internal users) and consumers (external users).

  5. Monitoring and control of improvements: Exporting your Capian audits to GitLab allows you to track and control UX optimizations, ensuring that recommended changes are implemented appropriately and within the allotted time. This approach helps you measure the impact of your optimization efforts and identify key elements.

The importance of exporting your Capian audits to a task management system like GitLab

GitLab is a popular platform for managing development projects, tracking progress, and facilitating collaboration on web and app development.

Exporting your Capian audits to GitLab ensures that your UX recommendations are integrated into your team's existing workflow.

This integration allows for more efficient implementation of optimizations, better communication between teams, and a streamlined process for optimizing user experience, employee experience, and customer experience on targeted digital properties.

By connecting Capian to GitLab, you facilitate the management and tracking of UX improvements and optimization by your team, ultimately leading to better results for all your users.

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