Privacy Policy

Protecting our customers’ information and privacy is our top priority. Capian’s privacy policy includes its employees, agents, partners, contractors and affiliates.

We treat information about our customers, including personal information, as strictly confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements. We employ a combination of technology and standard practices to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access or exposure. The information we collect about you in the course of conducting normal business will only be shared with third parties upon your consent or as required by law. We collect customer information based on our business relationship with you and your use of the services and solutions we provide. Some examples include:

For more information or to address any concerns, please contact Jean-Michel Lacroix the privacy officer at [email protected]

How safe is Capian?

We know data confidentiality is critical to our clients and their trust in our product is based on our capacity to protect their data. We implement the best security practices in the industry.

What browsing data do you store?

We only store the information you provided and some metadata about the page you were on when you submitted your screenshot. The data is only used to help you make better reports.

Data property

It’s your data. You own the data. We do not use it for anything else other to display it in your reports. Any stored data will be deleted upon a client’s request.

Who will have access to my data?

You and those to whom you share reports with. Shared reports have unique private URLs so that you can easily share reports with users without Capian accounts. This URL is like a password. Be sure to keep it safe.

Our staff might access your data to debug any issues or make minor adjustments to improve performance. Capian will not reveal your dashboards to anyone under any circumstances.

What happens when I delete my account?

Everything is deleted. Your configuration as well as any data we would have retrieved and stored.

Do you have any other concerns or questions?

Contact us and we'll be glad to help!