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To facilitate the implementation of your UX recommendations and optimization, Capian now allows you to export your reports (either in their entirety or specific captures) directly to Jira, your task management software. This way, your development team can benefit from your recommendations without leaving their usual working environment.

Let's be honest, the less time you spend sorting and organizing issues in Jira, the better off you'll be.

To export, configure your integration in the Capian menu, and new export options will appear in the reports and cards.

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The 5 benefits of exporting your Capian audits and reports to Jira

  1. Speed of work: By exporting your UX audits directly to Jira, you accelerate the implementation process of recommendations by avoiding delays related to manual information transfer.
  2. Fluidity: Integration with Jira streamlines task tracking and progress, allowing all stakeholders to see the real-time status of UX improvements.
  3. Improved communication between departments: Exporting to Jira facilitates exchanges between design, marketing, product, and development teams by centralizing all information related to UX improvements in one place.
  4. Interface optimization: By exporting your UX audits to Jira, you facilitate the implementation of targeted actions to optimize interfaces and better serve users, whether internal (employees) or external (consumers).
  5. Monitoring improvements: By integrating Capian with Jira, you can easily track the progress of UX improvements and measure their impact on key performance indicators (KPIs).

The importance of exporting your Capian audits to Jira

Exporting your Capian audits to a task management system like Jira is essential for streamlining your process of improving your digital products and services.

Jira is a widely-used tool by many development teams to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate on projects.

By exporting your Capian audits directly to Jira, you ensure that your UX and CX recommendations are seamlessly integrated into your team's existing workflow.

This allows for faster implementation of improvements, better communication between teams, and ultimately, a more efficient process for optimizing the user experience of your digital properties.

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