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Current product review process

Reviewing product shouldn’t be this tough!

If you’re on the product team, you’re probably bouncing from one tool to another to grab screenshots and make annotations to upload to your product review. Not to mention, the dreadfully painful document formatting process!

Plus, once you’ve shared with colleagues and stakeholders, your review triggers an endlessly confusing thread of email replies that are completely out of context. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s quite overwhelming! Besides, these unnecessary steps aren’t exactly helping your team build better product.

Streamlined product review process with Capian

Reviewing product with your team is easier than ever!

With Capian, you can work together in the same space to review product and discuss improvements. Develop an efficient workflow and spend more time on product!

Finally, a powerful product review tool!

Product interface review streamlined with Capian Chrome Extension and mobile app

Easily grab screenshots from any device

Get screenshots from your desktop with our Chrome extension, or on your phone with our mobile app. Simplify your process and focus on product!

Product interface review team collaboration streamlined with Capian

Sharing feedback as a team

Your feedback is organized in an shareable file that’s always kept up to date. Save time scrolling your way through messy emails and avoid the headache of multiple document version.

Give your team an opportunity to view improvements at a glance and get their input quickly, easily, and in context. Getting feedback shouldn’t be a labor-intensive task!

Sample product interface review generated by Capian

Extend the product vision to the whole organization

As industry professionals, we know how important cross-functional teamwork is when it comes to shipping awesome product.

With a tool that’s easy for everyone to use, regardless of their expertise (marketing, design, development, or management), you can break the silos and work together to build better products as a team.

Adaptable and reliable

Better, faster, leaner

Deliver products quickly with streamlined processes and an efficient workflow.

Perfect for Sprint Reviews

Create a review for each Sprint Review to track product evolution, notes, and decisions.

Prioritize improvements

Propose improvement, exchange ideas, share input, organize feedback and prioritize as a team.

Flexible methodologies

Whether you use Agile, Scrum, Kanban or prefer to run Lean with no strings attached, Capian helps product teams work efficiently.

Useful at every stage

Test screens while in development, staging or production. Validate user stories, user acceptance tests, or document system migration results.

Export to task manager

Capture, organize, and prioritize feedback with Capian. Then, export selected improvements to your favorite task manager (Jira, GitHub, GitLab).

Custom criteria

Personalize your review criteria or use the existing UX criteria and best practices built into Capian.

Categorize feedback

Add tags to your captures to organize your feedback and make searching a breeze.

Need something else?

Get in touch! We’re always adding new features to cover your product needs!

How product professionals use Capian

Sprint Review – Korem

Sprint Review – Korem

Staging website

Review and optimization – Yellow Pages

Review and optimization – Yellow Pages

Platforms and websites

Interface review – SFR

Interface review – SFR

B2C web portal

Using Capian to improve product as a team

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