Make usability expert reviews more quickly.

Capian is an all-in-one usability expert review tool for UX professionals.

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Does your usability review process go like this?

Take a screenshot, open it in an image editor, save the image to a folder, import the file to a Word/PowerPoint document, describe the issue, add formatting... repeat over and over again for each review!

Quit wasting your time juggling with the wrong tools!

Capian cuts usability expert review time in half!

Capian is an all-in-one solution that allows UX professionals to write usability reviews and make heuristic evaluations more quickly and efficiently. (No juggling required!)

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Create usability reviews in 3 simple steps

1.Capture usability issues while browsing

Capture usability issues while browsing with our Chrome Browser Extension and annotate your screenshots as you go. Less time wasted juggling all those tools, and more time to focus on your expert usability review.

2.Organize usability issues into a review

Easily organize, manage, and edit your issues, screenshots, and annotations with Capian. Personalize your branded reports, without having to format a thing! Let Capian create the perfect report for you.

3.Share your review, online

Share your Capian review with colleagues or clients. It's simple: copy and paste the private Capian review URL and send it off! Now, that's what we call quick and easy.

More reasons to love Capian

Customizable Criteria

Use criteria sets to diagnose any issues. We've already included Nielsen’s heuristics, Shneiderman’s golden rules and Bastien & Scapin’s criteria, but you can also include your personal rule sets to make it your own.

Insightful Statistics

Statistics are critical to understanding issues at stake. Better insight means better prioritizing, and that's always better for your team and your clients.

Team Collaboration (coming soon)

Work as a team to pinpoint more issues and detail your annotations. Bring more depth to your recommendations to make your Capian review complete and comprehensive.

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  • Screen capture and annotations
  • Heuristics, standard and custom
  • Report creation and edition
  • Statistics in reports
  • Secure report sharing
  • PDF export
  • Password protected sharing
  • Customize report with your logo
  • Email support
  • Collaboration
  • Invite reviewers to your report
  • PowerPoint export
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What are UX professionals saying?

"I am absolutely delighted by Capian. It's a very easy tool to screen capture and classify bugs and issues according to predetermined criteria or your own. Plus, the report function makes it easy to export a pdf to stakeholders."

– Catherine Roy, Freelance UX designer

"I'm really happy with @capianapp! I've saved hours of work on the 4 UX reviews I've done with the tool. Good job! :)""

– Alain Robillard-Bastien, UX Expert - Ergoweb

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