Make usability expert reviews more quickly.

Capian is an all-in-one usability expert review tool for UX professionals.

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Does your usability review process go like this?

Take a screenshot, open it in an image editor, save the image to a folder, import the file in Word/PowerPoint, describe the issue, add formatting—repeat a hundred times per review.

You are wasting so much time juggling with unsuitable tools!

Capian cuts usability expert review time in half!

Capian is an all-in-one tool that allows professionals to make usability reviews and heuristic evaluations more quickly, all from one place, without juggling!

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Create usability reviews in 3 simple steps

1.Capture usability issues while browsing

With the Chrome Browser Extension, capture and annotate usability issues as you browse. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on your review instead of the tools.

2.Organize usability issues into a review

Using the web interface, manage and edit the issues—including screenshot annotations! Complete your review and let Capian create the report for you, no formatting required.

3.Share your review, online

Your review is complete, it’s now time to share it with clients and colleagues. Capian makes sharing simple: copy/paste the review’s private URL and you’re done.

Some other great features


We provide standard heuristics to base your work on (Nielsen, Bastien&Scapin). You can also provide your own custom rules and criteria.


Statistics allows you to get a higher level view of what’s going on. Get insights and ideas to better prioritize changes for your team or client.

Collaboration (coming soon)

Building a review with team members helps you catch more issues, add better details and recommendations.

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  • Screen capture and annotations
  • Heuristics, standard and custom
  • Report creation and edition
  • Statistics in reports
  • Secure report sharing
  • PDF export
  • Password protected sharing
  • Customize report with your logo
  • Email support
  • Collaboration
  • Invite reviewers to your report
  • PowerPoint export
  • Priority support (Phone, Skype)
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No credit card required for the free trial. After the trial, you must upgrade to a paid plan (you can cancel at any time). Still have questions? Get in touch with our support team!

What do people really think about Capian?

"I am absolutely delighted by Capian. It's a very easy tool to screen capture and classify bugs and issues according to predetermined criteria or your own. Plus, the report function makes it easy to export a pdf to stakeholders."

– Catherine Roy, Freelance UX designer

"I'm really happy with @capianapp! I've saved hours of work on the 4 UX reviews I've done with the tool. Good job! :)""

– Alain Robillard-Bastien, UX Expert - Ergoweb

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