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Capian has the advantage of having an expert team that will meet your expectations whether you contact them by email or chat.

After gaining experience in the UX agency world in Canada with UX-co, and handling projects from various parts of the globe, they decided to share their solution, Capian, designed by and for UX experts, as well as professionals tasked with building digital solutions. Capian's objective is to assist digital professionals in crafting the finest technological products and services to cater to users from all walks of life.

Capian is the ideal solution for:
expert evaluation of digital content as well as capturing mood boards, easily creating benchmarks and analyzing competitive and comparative monitoring, conducting UX audits, digital diagnostics and interface reviews. It also supports participation in QA, continuous improvement and the migration system (UAT). The goal is to validate interfaces and annotate them, in order to build roadmaps for digital project.

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Whether you're a freelancer, UX agency, internal or external digital product team, a school, or a large corporation, Capian can provide a solution to meet your needs.

We are here for you :

  • Public and semi-public organizations

  • SME

  • UX agency

  • Web and digital agency

  • Digital transformation consulting group

  • Startups

You want the best for your clients and users: delivering top-notch digital products and services. We are and will always be here to support your product teams.

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By contacting our team, you ensure to receive dedicated and tailored service. We will provide you with the support of our expert team in digital product and user experience, to best address each of your questions.

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  • UX audit, UI audit and digital diagnostics

  • Benchmark, moodboard

  • Assistance with solution implementation

  • Need for UX/CX/UI training

  • Pricing for licenses or professional services

  • Specific functionality or customization needs

  • Support to assist you in your UX/UI/CX professional practice

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