Usability and UX Expert Review - Use cases

When you carry out an expert review, you rely on both known principles (Nielsen, Shneiderman, Bastien & Scapin) as well as your own expertise to identify UX issues that needs improvement. Once you’ve spotted an issue, the process of creating a report can become cumbersome and complicated with having to use a myriad of tools and incompatible references.

Using the traditional method, you have to take a screenshot of the issue, annotate the image in an editor, import your screenshot into a new document, write out your comments and recommendations, edit everything, then send out your report to your colleagues, project stakeholders or clients. On top of that, unless you know them off the top of your head, you have to constantly refer back to the ergonomic criteria.

Capian is the all-in-one tool for usability expert reviews

Capian simplifies this entire process and makes your work more valuable. By consolidating several essential functions, Capian optimizes the evaluation process and allows you to concentrate on what really counts: your UX expertise and your recommendations.

Capian allows you to make recommendations without ever leaving the webpage! Identify the issue, choose from the plug-in’s built-in heuristics (Nielsen, Bastien & Scapin, Amélie Boucher) or create your own. After you’ve finished with the site, access your report in Capian to edit and tweak it before easily sharing it through a shareable link. You get a simple report that you can share with your team and clients!

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