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Capian simplifies collaboration with your developers, whether they are internal or external, by allowing you to export your UX audit reports (either in their entirety or specific captures) to GitHub. With this feature, your development team will be able to review and incorporate your UX recommendations directly into their usual workflow.

To export, configure your integration in the Capian menu, and new export options will appear in the reports and cards.

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5 benefits of exporting your Capian UX audits to GitHub

  1. Speed of work: Exporting your UX audits to GitHub accelerates the implementation process for recommendations by avoiding manual steps and delays.

  2. Fluidity: Integration with GitHub streamlines task tracking and progress, allowing all stakeholders to view the status of UX improvements in real-time.

  3. Improved communication between departments: Exporting to GitHub centralizes information related to interface improvements and facilitates exchanges between design, marketing, product, and development teams.

  4. Interface optimization: By exporting your digital audits to GitHub, you facilitate targeted actions to optimize interfaces and better serve users, whether they are internal (employees) or external (consumers).

  5. Tracking improvements: Integrating Capian with GitHub allows you to easily track the progress of UX, UI, CX improvements and assess their impact on key performance indicators (KPIs).

The importance of exporting your Capian audits to a task management system like GitHub

GitHub is a widely used platform for managing development projects and collaborating on code.

Exporting your Capian audits to GitHub allows you to integrate UX/UI improvements into your existing development workflow.

Doing so facilitates better communication between teams, streamlines the implementation of UX/UI recommendations, and ensures that your digital properties provide optimal user experience, customer experience, and employee experience.

By integrating Capian with GitHub, you improve the efficiency of your optimization and conversion process as you increase the likelihood of achieving the desired results more effectively and quickly.

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