Interview with Sébastien Tanguy - UX reviews and user testing - Capian Expert Series

In this interview, Sébastien Tanguy talks about the role of expert evaluations in digital projects and about the complementarity between user tests and evaluations. Sébastien is the COO and co-founder of Testapic, a user testing software. Thanks, Sébastien!

In this series, we interview UX professionals about the importance of usability, ergonomic, and expert evaluations.

Interview translation

What is the role of expert evaluations in digital projects?

The expert evaluation is indispensable for any project. It lets us have a first evaluation on the theoretical elements of ergonomic optimization which are based on the fundamental principles, navigation principles that are current web standards. Inevitably, there are users who are inclined to accept some innovation, but we have some fundamentals that remains, needs to be evaluated and they allow us to have a first understanding of possible interface optimizations. I think there’s a real benefit for clients that are open to identifying, to pinpointing the first issues which allows having a roadmap of the main tweaks to improve the interface.

In what ways are user tests complimentary to evaluations?

I think that expert ergonomic evaluations and what is detectable through user tests is very compatible. We’ve also detected it through empirical tests where we’ve validated certain elements of expert ergonomic evaluations which had been done prior by ergonomists or UX designers or an agency we work with. And we’ve applied these fundamentals to the realities of users in the case of their navigation which is measured by tests we can do at TestApic.

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