Example of a quick UX review: SSQ Life Insurance

This review was made on the old SSQ website, which they have updated as of June 2018.

Website context

With over 3 million customers and 2,000 employees, SSQ Financial Group is one of the largest financial institutions in Canada, since 1944.

With strong visual coherence, SSQ’s website and mobile application are not lacking in harmonious branding. But, the use of carousel images in the welcome page presented the largest opportunity for improvement.

Example of a quick UX review: SSQ Life Insurance View full UX audit for this site

Regardless of how successful a website or mobile platform may be, there is always room for change and improvement. What may have worked in the past could also no longer respond to current or future user needs. Carrying out usability audits with Capian allows you to be proactive, address concerns and stay on top of the competition!

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