UX review of a Québec City Parking Infraction

Almost everyone has received a parking ticket. And if you have, you’re all too well aware of how confusing they can be! Not only are you slammed with a fine, but you have to successfully understand the slip of paper on your windshield in the hopes of not doing anything else wrong.

We decided enough is enough. So when a member of our team got a parking ticket, our evaluator decided to do something a bit different with it (after paying it, of course!).

UX review of a Québec City Parking Infraction View full UX audit for this site

We’ve used Capian to pull apart the confusion of a parking ticket. Since you can upload outside files to Capian for auditing, we scanned our ticket and uploaded it to begin the usability review. What we found might surprise you.

It was also quite therapeutic! You should try it, too.

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