Example of a quick UX audit: Yellow Pages Canada

Website context

Yellow pages has long been the go-to resource for connecting people and businesses. Having been around for so long (founded in 1886 in the USA before expanding to Canada in 1908), transitioning from a print platform to digital is met with challenges even to a established company.


We’ve used Bastien & Scapin’s ergonomic cognitive criterias to address the most pressing areas of opportunity regarding Yellow Pages Canada’s online presence, both for their website and mobile application.

Example of a quick UX audit: Yellow Pages Canada View full UX audit for this site

With a company of this size, it’s important that subsidiary brands share common design features to present the user with visual consistency. We focused a good amount of our audit on these subsidiaries as well as their conceptual harmony with the main site and phone application.

Daunting does not mean impossible - using these cognitive criterias, we can help company sites to better reflect their brand goals and respond more effectively to user needs.

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