Example of a quick UX audit: Humanware

Website context

Humanware manufactures technological vision aids for individuals with visual impairments. Having created the first Google-certified braille tablet for blind of low-vision people, Humanware has spent the last 25 years using digital technology to create and deliver humanized solutions.


We’ve used Bastien & Scapin’s ergonomic criterias to address the Humanware website and social media.

As with many site, carousel imaging impedes usability and is rarely clicked on by users. As it does not work well on mobile, either, we’ve advised Humanware to display welcome page information in a different format.

Example of a quick UX audit: Humanware View full UX audit for this site

Filling up page space can be an effective tool; Humanware’s product sales page contains negative space that distracts customers during shopping.

Sometimes convention does not represent best practices - we’ve challenged Humanware through this audit to make key adjustments to their website and social media presence to better target their clients and emphasize product.

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