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The best schools and trainings to become a UX designer

UX design (or user experience design: UX) is a very dynamic and constantly evolving discipline. UX design professions are in full development and are very much in demand by organizations that adopt a user-centric approach in order to optimize the performance of their products/services, while basing them on the needs of their customers.

For this purpose, schools specializing in web design or other top-down or associated disciplines, are evolving their curriculum to adapt to the new requirements of the job market.

Here are the main schools and trainings to become a good UX designer.

The best UX Design schools

The best UX schools in France

Digital campus Paris

Digital campus Paris (previously IESA Multimedia) is the first multimedia school, located in the heart of Paris. It offers various student, professional and sandwich courses, with the aim of preparing you for professional life.

The school regularly organizes events and Job Dating to put you in contact with professionals specialized in various fields.

To keep up with new trends in web design disciplines, IESA is offering a Master's degree in UX design to train in the disciplines of user experience design, interaction and usability. This master's degree is adapted to holders of a bachelor's degree in multimedia and web development.

The Master's degree in UX design is spread over 2 years, during which you learn the principles of UX design, such as :

  • Ergonomics and cognitive psychology.
  • UX Auditing
  • Design patterns, wireframing and prototyping.
  • Architecture information.
  • User testing.

This master's degree leads to a level 7 title registered with the RNCP (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles).

Digital campus Paris also offers a master's degree in art direction and UX design intended for graduates with a bachelor's degree in visual communication or multimedia.

ECV Digital

ECV Digital is a digital and web school with locations in Paris, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes and Lille. This school offers a practical digital training based on the realization of projects that are presented and defended in front of a jury. This strategy is among the most powerful instruments of initiation to professional life.

. The school offers a master's degree cycle that alternates between 4 days at the company and 1 day at the school. The training generally begins in September and ends in June.

The institution offers a UX Design master's degree to students who plan to learn about user-centered design. In a UX dimension, the UX designer must take into account several aspects, such as:

  • end user emotions,
  • the functional qualities of the system,
  • ergonomics,
  • Efficiency,
  • friendliness,the quality of the interaction with the Human-Computer Interface (HCI),
  • information architecture, etc.

In this context, ECV Digital offers 2 master's degrees in the User Experience discipline:

  • UX Design Master's degree: this master's degree is intended for holders of a baccalaureate +3 in computer science: in communication or graphic design. It leads to new outlets so sought after in the web design sector, such as: the HMI ergonomist, the UX designer, the web architect.
  • Master's degree in UX/UI Design: the objective of this master's degree is to train UX/UI designers (with a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree) in the design of user-centered HMI interfaces. To this end, it offers a curriculum that introduces students to the analysis of user needs. Students also learn to use their creativity to apply UX methods, which are related to web design practices, such as: interface design, interaction design, ergonomics, etc.   In the program, students also learn about the main UX/UI design tools, such as: sketching, motion design and front end development technologies.

L’école de Condé

L’École de Condé is a major higher education institution in the sectors of design, photography, cinema, etc. It offers training recognized by the RNCP, level 6 and 7. This school consists of an extensive network of campuses spread across France and Europe (IAAD Turin, CEV Barcelona, HMKW Berlin, etc.).

This institution provides internships, partnerships and company forums, so that you are always close to the professional field. If you want to become a UX designer, you can opt for an art direction master's degree in UX/UI graphic design.

This is a 2-year course designed for graduates with a bachelor's degree in graphic design, visual communication, photography, etc. This master's degree is designed to implement the theoretical knowledge acquired and to help students cultivate UX/UI techniques and methodologies: design, storyboards, mock-ups, etc.

The best UX schools in Canada

Faculty of information- University of Toronto

Faculty of information from Toronto university is among the leading members in the international association of universities: iSchool which pilots programs in the field of information. It provides year-round training for students, professionals and researchers in a variety of disciplines.

The faculty offers training in user experience design (UXD) that aims to introduce students to the basic techniques and principles of this approach, with the goal of becoming UX designers.

The institution provides practical and theoretical training that allows students to work in a laborious manner on design problems from the least complex to the most complex. In particular, it addresses the design of modern interactive systems: 3D interfaces, touch interface, wearables, etc.

This training focuses on the different elements that affect the overall UX when interacting with the digital system, in a User-Centered Design (UCD) dimension.

With the goal of creating a positive UX, students learn to study typical user profiles, usage contexts, interactions with the digital system and the resulting feel, etc.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa brings together several faculties, in various fields: engineering, arts, medicine, science, etc. Students who consider having a career in UX design, can take the Master in Digital Transformation and Innovation (MDTI).

The MDTI master's degree is the result of a multi-faculty union between the Telfer School of Management, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Engineering, with the aim of training qualified experts. These professionals are able to reinvent the design of user experiences when interacting with innovative digital systems.

This program provides a multidisciplinary curriculum that synergizes mind-boggling technological advances, creative arts and industry development.

Through this program, students can:

  • Design and develop user-centered design based on innovation the new emerging technologies.
  • Acquire skills in interaction design, cognitive psychology, information architecture, etc.

The best UX schools in Quebec

HEC Montreal

HEC Montréal is a French-language university institution. It offers teaching and research programs in management that are internationally recognized.

HEC offers a master's degree in User Experience Management to give students access to the skills, methods and tools to gain expertise in this area.

The training program covers the following topics:

  • Acquiring basic knowledge about the user experience.
  • Acquire skills in design thinking and user-centered ideation techniques.
  • Learning User Interface (UI) design, prototyping, user testing and data analysis techniques, using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Access to professors, researchers and experts who practice at Tech3Lab: a renowned UX lab in North America.

This master's degree allows you to land a job in organizations that invest in user experience. For example, you can work as a UX designer, researcher, project manager, etc.

Laval University

The Laval University is the ideal destination to gain an exceptional educational experience in a welcoming French-speaking environment in the heart of Quebec City. The University offers an environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities conducive to study and research.

This institution offers, among its many specialties, the master's degree in interaction design, which aims to generate experts in the field. The program integrates the following topics: design, graphic design, cognitive ergonomics, information science, etc.

The curriculum involves real clients in design projects. This ensures that solid knowledge is gained in these areas:

  • Interaction design.
  • Information architecture.
  • User Interface Design.
  • Graphic design.

The best UX schools in the US

University of Washington

The University of Washington is the largest public university in the Northwest United States. It provides education in computer science, medicine, engineering, information science, history,….

The university offers more than 180 degrees at the bachelor's, doctoral and master's levels, including the Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D). This master's degree is delivered through a collaboration between these departments: computer science and engineering, Design, and human-centered design and engineering.

This is an interdisciplinary training for profiles who wish to become UX Designers, engineers or researchers. It aims to cultivate in them the skills required to combine their creative potential with the study of human profiles and the analytical methods of engineering, to design a product that provides an excellent user experience.

School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts is an art and design university located in New York City. This faculty offers 11 undergraduate and 21 graduate degrees, in addition to continuing education courses.

VAS offers an M.F.A. in Interaction Design (IxD). This program of study aims to train students to analyze, prototype, and design concepts to shape the behaviors expressed in everyday life in an evolved way that employs the tools of new technology.

The best UX schools in the UK

Falmouth University

The Falmouth University is a renowned multi-arts university. It is recognized as one of the pioneering educational institutions in creativity and innovation.


Falmouth offers its students a comprehensive education with the goal of preparing them for the global job market. This institution allows you to obtain a world-class qualification, through online courses (100% online): you can study whenever you want and from wherever you are located.

This university offers an MA in User Experience Design. The curriculum for this course is based on these topics:

  • Initiation in human-computer interaction research methods, to improve the user experience, based on user needs.
  • Application of user-centered design in various domains, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), educational technologies, creative applications, etc.

University of the Arts London


The University of the Arts London brings together 6 colleges and over 19,000 students from many parts of the world. Among the courses offered by this institution is the MA User Experience (UX), which is delivered at the College of Communication London.

The UX master's degree consists of a program that aims to instill in students the skills necessary to design, prototype and create human-centered experiences in an interactive digital environment.

The best UX design courses

The best continuing education courses


Sawi is the Swiss leader in continuing education, in several disciplines: marketing, communication, sales, innovation and digital transformation of companies. It receives about 2000 students per year and brings together 400 professional trainers.

This institution offers UX designer training for students who have ambitions to achieve a career in this field. The training program covers these topics:

  • Planning for user research, to understand the needs and behaviors of target users.
  • Production of a web project.
  • Creating the user journey and conversion tunnels.


Openclassrooms is a 100% online training platform. It is a private institution affiliated with the rectorat de l'Académie de Paris. It offers continuing education for candidates who want to practice the profession of UX designer and have a degree in Web, Design, Humanities, Psychology, etc.

The program contains the following topics:

  • Study the UX process.
  • Conduct a user study.
  • Conduct web interface design.
  • Lead a UX strategy in collaboration with the project team.

At the end of this course, you take a test to attest to your skills and earn your certificate. The certificate allows you to hold the position of: UX Designer, Lead UX or User Researcher.


Oriane is an initial and continuing education institution in Paris. It offers different courses to become more efficient in your job or to achieve a successful professional reconversion.

In particular, candidates with a BTS graphic design, communication and digital media option can benefit from a continuing education in UX design. At the end of which, they can obtain a master's degree in multimedia products and services or a CQP webdesigner, allowing them to land a job in this discipline.


Maisonneuve is a continuing education institution in Montreal. It offers training in information technology to adults and businesses. Among the degrees it offers, it offers training in Design Thinking and UX design, with the objective of learning the principles of Design Thinking, user-centered design, interaction design and being able to create an optimal user experience.

The course is capped off with a certificate to affirm your skills and get the UX design job you want.

The best professional training


Doussou-Formation is a leading training center in information technology and office automation in Canada and elsewhere. It provides professional training to members of client companies in several IT environments.

This center offers training in UX/UI design and interface usability, at the end of which students can master the management of a UX project: definition of objectives, creation of novel visual solutions, design of prototypes, etc.


DORANCO is a private training and technical college specializing in multimedia and IT. It provides professional training to become a UI/UX webdesigner. The objective of this course is to learn:

  • the principles of web usability.
  • Prototyping with Adobe XD.
  • Web languages.

This training is primarily for candidates with experience in the field, a diploma or a professional or European level 4 qualification.


GOBELINS is a pioneering school in the professions of graphic design, interactive design, motion design, photography, etc. It offers professional training to companies, employees, freelancers, etc.

This institution offers professional training in UX design, to web designers, art directors, designers or developers of websites or mobile applications, graphic designers, etc.

The objective of this training is to learn the approach necessary to design projects focused on user experience design.

The final word

User experience is an essential component to create a useful, desirable product that provides interactive dialogue with an ergonomic HMI interface.

The goal of providing an impactful UX is pursued by several companies. To this end, its UX team is required to continuously monitor the performance of digital interfaces and the quality of system functionality, including through a UX audit.

The Capian tool represents an interesting alternative to review your user interfaces efficiently. This solution offers you flexible features to screen for usability issues, through screenshots, annotations, custom or standard UX evaluation criteria, etc.

With Capian, you can comfortably perform your audit, regardless of your level of expertise (beginner or professional), because the tool requires no installation or training to master.

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