Interview with Nadège Bide – Expert Evaluations with Capian - Capian Expert Series

In this interview, Nadège Bide talks to us about when to do expert evaluations and explores how Capian helps her to convince teams about the pertinence of her UX and ergonomic advice. Nadège is a UX Designer and Digital Strategist consultant with Klee Group. You can follow her on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Thanks, Nadège!

In this series, we interview UX professionals about the importance of usability, ergonomic, and expert evaluations.

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When do you use expert evaluations?

At Klee, I use assessments preemptively, for example to establish weaknesses in business applications. It allows me to have elements to work with before having, for example, a meeting with the client. Doing an assessment ahead of time gives me elements to work with and I can then see if the weaknesses I've spotted are cited by the client. Because sometimes a client will say to me “Something’s not working with the interface; it’s the UX, the site isn’t fluid,” but they won’t be precise. So if I do this work ahead of time with Capian, which doesn’t take much time, it allows me to have arguments and direct the workshops to see if the users have the same experience I do with and. It’s also important to see the scope of the ergonomic criteria, the prioritization of information, what impact it has on the people using the interface. It definitely helps to improve the process before working on the application.

How does Capian help you in your work?

What I really like about Capian is that it allows me to formalize deliverables much more quickly, internally as well, to convince the teams of the pertinence of my UX feedback, simply put with severity of the problem and the criteria. That way, I realized that the teams were more willing to listen to our instructions. It also allows us to educate and train our own project managers and have them retain ergonomic criteria since they see them written frequently. And all that without spending more time on the final document. It’s in an interesting secondary benefit to Capian.

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