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Capian: By us, for you!

Capian is a SaaS tool that aims to offer the best possible service to its customers, we invest time, money and the know-how of a whole team to constantly propose improvements to our product and to make it always more efficient.

Therefore, the premium solution is not adaptable to a company like Capian, the premium model does not remunerate the efforts involved in the development and maintenance of the application. A premium option would not allow a human-scale company like Capian to be sustainable in the long term.

Nevertheless, there are some other factors that influenced our decision not to choose the premium option as one of our favorite options, we will detail them below.

The premium: a guarantee of confidentiality and efficiency service

The word freemium comes from the contraction of the English words free and premium. This strategy is generally used by large companies that can afford to have this business model to the detriment of some other criteria, the quote "If it's free, it's because you are the product!" is more than ever verifiable in cases where freemium is favored, companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft allow you to use their products and services for free so that they can get your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

For us, it is unacceptable to have such a process, exposing our users' data and contrary to our principles and values. We believe in trust, transparency and integrity with our customers. Capian's goal is to better equip the professionals who design tomorrow's digital products and services so that end users are better served and "enjoy" their work or task at hand. It's a butterfly effect with Capian.

Almost everything you find on the net is free or almost free, but this is just an illusion, freemium is much more common than you may think, freemium is seen by many as a favorable pricing strategy to enter a market, unfortunately very few consumers read between the lines, being completely seduced by this new model and free users let their guards down and do not realize the commercial use that is made with their personal data.

The freemium option is based on two things: 

On first hand, a free option that offers some features of the application to be able to discover it without preventing its use

The most convincing example is that of music streaming applications such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music that allow users to listen to music, but without choosing it themselves.

On the other hand, a premium access, which requires a monthly payment to be able to make full use of the product's capabilities and not to have to suffer a disturbing advertising flow while using the tool.

Capian is a company that puts its heart and soul into the development of its product, as we like to say internally "100% skin in the game", the development of a "freemium" formula is not viable for a company like ours. When a "freemium" model is available for a product, the conversion rate is minimal because the majority of users do not see the need or the utility of subscribing to the premium function or some will find subterfuges to be able to bypass the limitations.

Consumers are eternally dissatisfied, their needs and desires are constantly evolving, if we leave Capian frozen in a premium model without any change, our customers will flee us and go to our competitors, on the contrary, the fact of making available to our customers a premium model that evolves and meets their expectations, allows us to create a virtuous loop, the revenues generated by the subscription of our customers allows us to invest in the development and improvement of the application and offer new features.

Capian : Involved in your success.

Our business model has never been questioned by any of our customers, the gain generated by Capian is not negligible:

  • 70%: Time saved reviewing interfaces while capturing, annotating, exchanging and prioritizing improvements. Capian allows you to stop unnecessary handling and focus on the essential tasks. 
  • 50%: Decrease by half the number of emails related to the review of current projects, you will see a significant unclogging of your mailboxes. 
  • 40%: Decrease in the number of meetings avoided thanks to the discussions and prioritization integrated into our application, communicate directly in your Capian report updated in real time and accessible by all your employees. 
  • 100% usefulness at all stages of work: benchmarking, auditing, UAT, moodboarding, team improvement work, quality assurance, etc.

Capian offers you its premium version, a plethora of features that can help you in your discussions, in the improvement of your projects, do not waste time in file sharing and use the same platform editable in real time and allows you to have more control over your workflow

Why can't Capian be freemium?

Our goal is to provide the most efficient service possible, our entire team works hard every day to improve our product and the various services we offer. 

We are a 100% bootstrapper and we want to keep the vision and future of Capian in our own hands, we do not want to make decisions that do not align with our ideals and goals, many human scale companies that offer a freemium service use it to track user data and train their algorithms (machine learning)

Capian is not only limited to our application, the revenues from the tool are also used to fund other services: 

  • Capian for Schools : A service available to universities and schools wishing to use Capian in their educational processes.
  • Capian Academy : Lessons that our subscribers receive via email for free 
  • Consulting Service : A service that allows Capian experts to help you gain perspective on your digital projects.
  • Coaching and Training : From a few days of training to several weeks of personalized coaching.
  • Audit Assistance : We offer assistance with audits and reviews of your interfaces.
  • Capian App : A Google Chrome application that allows you to take screenshots and annotate them without difficulty.

We offer many other features unique to our Capian tools, to help you excel in your areas of expertise, we want to help you improve your productivity and optimize the user experience, here are some of the services offered by our tool: 

Moodboard : Capian is an effective and optimal communication tool for any production team. Capian allows for collective creativity and facilitates the exchange and visualization of ideas.

Capian allows you to expose all the graphical components of your interface: whether it's a button, a font, or even the colors, you will be able to dissect every feature of your interface with our tool. The client is integrated into the audit process from the beginning and can follow the progress of the audit in real time, saving you valuable time and speeding up the production and implementation process while minimizing the risk of errors and the cost of rectification

Source : Youtube channel of Capian

  • Competitive Benchmark : With Capian, you can audit your competitors' interfaces and keep up to date with the changes they make to their interfaces. A competitive benchmark is the monitoring of the evolution of products and services sold by your direct competitors. 
  • Effective Competitive Intelligence : Unlike benchmarks, a thorough competitive intelligence is the monitoring of a whole market and not only your direct competitors. Having the support to study the market evolution allows you to be always ready to adapt your strategies and to detect market opportunities as soon as possible.

UX Audit and Interface Review : Capian can optimize your review process and help you improve your People-Machine Interfaces. 

  • Capian allows you to: 
  • Easily capture and identify usability flaws that your interfaces may have.
  • Rank and annotate directly in the application.
  • Edit and adjust annotations in real time.
  • Organize issues according to the degree of importance.
  • Prioritize future optimizations
  • Perform audits with your own heuristics or with those already implemented in Capian (Nielsen, Amélie Boucher, Bastien & Scapin heuristics)

The tool also provides you with a unique space to collaborate with all the stakeholders, in this way the exchange of files becomes minimal, because everything is centralized in a single space, so communication is greatly facilitated.

  • Simplified decision making : Capian helps you create UX assessments quickly and completely, you can enrich your assessments with graphs and other illustrated statistics, the fact of imaging your assessments allows a better visualization of your objectives, thus the analysis being more detailed it allows a simplified decision making.
  • Quality Assurance : Capian offers extensive quality assurance, we ensure the continuous optimization and improvement of our product and production process. We strive to improve Capian as much as we can so that it can meet your expectations as best as possible!

Source : Capian Channel on Youtube

Last word

Due to the breadth of Capian's services and our commitments to the UX community outlined above, you can understand why a human-scale company like Capian cannot afford to offer a freemium model.

However, we do offer a trial period that allows you to use Capian to its fullest capacity and utilize all of the features available! We can even provide you with a Capian presentation by our UX experts!

** Do not hesitate to contact us!**

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