Example of a quick UX review: Jobillico

Website context

Jobillico helps happy companies connect with even happier candidates! As a Québec-based company, their goal is to make job hunting (and working!) a more pleasant experience for businesses and workers. Jobillico’s 1.2 million users have been placed in over 10,000 companies, making it the largest employment company in the Province of Québec.


We put Jobillico’s joyful, colorful website to the test, examining their user experience through the lense of Bastien & Scapin’s ergonomic criterias.

Example of a quick UX review: Jobillico View full UX audit for this site

Subjecting your site to rigorous, objective usability criterias does not mean sucking the fun out of your project. Rather, addressing usability concerns helps Jobillico’s jubilant identity to shine through even more to current and potential users.

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