Export your UX reviews to Jira, GitHub and GitLab

It's been a while since we last gave news. We were busy making some changes to Capian, here are the two most important ones.

Export to Jira, GitHub and GitLab

Since someone eventually needs to make the changes that you suggest in your UX review, you can now export your Capian reports (all the captures, or selected ones) to your task management software. That way, your development team can take advantage of your recommendations without getting out of their comfort zone. Let's be honest: the less time spent in Jira the better!

To export captures, first configure your integration in the Capian menu and new export options will appear in reports and issues.

Chrome extension

Some users have reported that the extension did not work on some sites. In fact, some sites refused to let you capture anything! We sent the extension to persuasion training courses, so it should now be able to convince these sites to let them have their picture taken. 😉

We are also planning improvements to the extension to help you better capture UX issues. If you have ideas about how we could make your job even easier, let us know so we can include your feedback in our roadmap!

As usual, we really care about your feedback, be it positive or negative, so please don't be shy. Send us a message by mail, through the chat or even by snail mail, it always makes us happy to hear back from you!

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