Custom Rules and Metrics

In the last weeks, we had the opportunity to discuss with some of our users and some experts from other domains with interest in Capian. Following these discussions, we have added some features to make evaluations even better!

Custom rules for your expertise

In the previous version of Capian, we only supported the usability grids that we are using frequently (Nielsen’s heuristics and Bastien & Scapin criteria). Many users asked to be able to use the rules they have developed by applying their skills and expertise to their own domains.

Capian is a tool to help make better website evaluations, not only an usability tool. We have added a way to use your own evaluation rulesets, allowing you to use Capian when doing your marketing evaluations, your benchmarks and even some competition monitoring!

Custom rules in Capian

You can now also start an evaluation without a ruleset, which is great for getting out quick evaluations to share with your teams and clients. Simple and effective!

Metrics to guide your clients

Many experts told us about their will to better convey their findings to their clients, using visual ways to communicate the next steps. Each evaluation is more than a simple document, it is a roadmap for the company to follow to get better results, conversion and engagement. Having a better overview would help guide the clients in deciding where to bring their sites next.

Doing that requires you to know which recommandations to prioritize in your report, meaning you need to have ways to get a better overview of the problems identified. That is why we are introducing metrics!

Two charts are available right now:

  • Problems distribution by rules
  • Problems distribution by severity

Charts in Capian

These charts will help you have a better understanding of the big picture, and help you direct your client in high ROI improvements. Your client can now can prioritize changes against business objectives and get a real and actionable plan for the future.

PDF export

Sharing your report online allows you to limit the back and forth by email between you and your clients. But sometimes, nothing beats a great PDF report. That is why we added an option to export reports created by Capian as PDF files that you can download and send by email, or get printed.

And much more

We are always working to make your website evaluations better. We constantly tweak stuff, make small changes and listen to your feedback. We really love feedback, and would like you to share your ideas with us, so we can make Capian the best tool for interface evaluation.

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