New features: Collaborative Interface Review and iOS Mobile App

Spring is a great time to release new features! We've been busy in the last few months talking with our users and putting in place the features you have requested.

So, we have two new features to announce today: collaboration, which allows you to collaborate with internal teammates and external stakeholders, and our iOS mobile application that allows you to capture native applications and responsive sites more easily than ever.


Collaboration allows teams to work more efficiently together and to easily involve stakeholders in the interface review process. No more keeping track of crazy email threads to know who said what.

As a project owner, you can now grant access to your collaborators while maintaining control over the final version of your report. You can allow your teammates to add issues to your project with the browser extension and the mobile app. You will see the name of the person who added the image, as well as the comments associated with it.

As the project owner, you're always in control and can edit your teammates issues. You can always ask questions and clarifications in the discussion box on each issue.

iOS mobile application

Capian's mobile application is a quick and easy way to capture the mobile interfaces issues. If you're tired of sending yourself mobile screenshots by email, you'll love our app!

Capture and annotate issues on:

  • native applications, via iOS 11 screenshot sharing;
  • responsive versions of sites and applications, via the Capian browser and its integrated capture;
  • any other application, by sending images from your photo library (take screenshots and upload them to Capian in batch).

When you're done, access Capian on your computer to review the issues and create your report. With the Capian mobile app, reviewing mobile interfaces has never been easier!

Install our mobile iOS App


We've got a great start for 2018, and other features are on the way.

Collaboration makes discussing improvements easier than ever and saves you from infinite email threads, and our mobile application is the fastest way to capture improvements to mobile interfaces.

With all these features in one tool, it's no wonder that working with Capian is 4 to 5 times faster than the old way of reviewing interfaces.

As always, please contact us with feedback through our chat plateform!

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