Introduction to Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics Free Email Course

In this free email course, you will learn all about Nielsen’s 10 usability principles. You will receive emails over a couple of weeks, in which you’ll access valuable knowledge about Nielsen’s 10 usability principles as a whole, as well as detailed classes on each of the criterias. You can expect workable and thorough information; we hope you will be able to use this information daily as we go, and apply it to any project you are currently working on.

Since we’ll be covering the criteria one by one, you can apply Nielsen’s heuristics as we go. Whether you’re looking to improve a specific website, mobile app, game, or your own work methods, each will allow you to focus on specific information and yield more effective changes.

Here's what we'll cover over the next few weeks (at the rate of 2 emails a week):

  • Introduction
  • Visibility of System Status
  • Match Between System and the Real World
  • User Control and Freedom
  • Consistency and Standards
  • Help User Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors
  • Error Prevention
  • Recognition Rather Than Recall
  • Flexibility and Efficiency of Use
  • Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
  • Help and Documentation
  • Conclusion

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