Introduction to Accessibility - Free email course

General presentation of the course

Today, Capian would like to offer you a course dealing with web accessibility. First of all, what is web accessibility? Then, a digital content is said to be accessible when any person (regardless of his or her handicap or disability) can interact with and understand this content. The digitization of society has highlighted the importance of the web in social integration and in the participation of collective life, that's why some accessibility standards that we will see in this course exist. Each email in this course will be an opportunity for you to learn a little more about accessibility and find ways to apply these standards to each of your websites.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in e-commerce whether you are a project manager who is not yet completely familiar with the notions of accessibility, a freelancer who needs to update their knowledge or a web technician who wants to learn more this course is for you.

Objectives and prerequisites

The main objective of this course is to teach you the most important notions of accessibility. Certain tools, terms and expressions in the field of accessibility require explanations that we will provide throughout this course. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply all the necessary modifications to your website to make it more accessible.

Accessibility courses are more advanced than our e-commerce course, however, they are not unaffordable, they have no prerequisites other than the desire to learn and the desire to discover new horizons.

Teaching material

The courses created and made available to you by Capian are so-called "self-content" courses. No supply is required, all material will be provided to you in emails and will be found on your email address. At the end of the course, you will receive a summary email with all the resources used and the resources needed for personal development.

However, if you wish to deepen certain concepts you can contact us and we will send you additional documentation.

Lesson Plan

Below is a summary of the content plan you will be studying:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the history and scope of web accessibility

The first lesson is an appetizer and allows you to understand what accessibility is and where this notion was born, we will answer the following questions in this lesson:

Lesson 2: The advantages that accessibility brings to your companies!

In addition to being important for characters who don't know or can't use common digital tools, accessibility is also a significant asset for your content. We will answer the following questions in this lesson :

Lesson 3: Define Your Own Accessibility Analyses

There is nothing better than a case study to discover and understand certain terms, here we will study Barclay Bank and the supermarket chain Tesco, we will answer the following questions in this lesson :

Lesson 4: Key Accessibility Features and Tools

Here we will look at the main issues that need to be addressed in updating your sites to make them accessible, we will answer the following questions in this lesson :

Lesson 5: Accessibility Principles and Standards.

In this final lesson, we will discuss the standards that any site must meet in order to be considered accessible, they are listed in the WCAG, we will answer the following questions in this lesson:


This course allows you to access knowledge disseminated on the web in a centralized manner. After completing the Capian Accessibility Course, you will be able to claim to update your website and make it work so that it is considered accessible. However, don't shout victory too quickly! The notions covered in this course are only the beginning of a long adventure.

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