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Capture findings as you browse, then share a link to your review.
Perfect for heuristic evaluations, UX audits, expert reviews, and many other audit types.

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Actual interface review process

Reviewing interfaces is
time consuming!

Every day, your team juggles with different tools to take screenshots, detail recommendations, and share them with colleagues in different departments. Bouncing from one platform to another often leads to lengthy and confusing email threads, which is far from optimal! Not to mention, it results in unnecessary meetings and impacts project delivery.

In fact, most teams spend over 50% of their time redoing work that’s already been done. It’s no wonder 60% are affected by project delays and spending overages!

Streamlined interface review process with Capian

Use Capian as a team to improve
interfaces with ease and speed

Capian empowers teams to review and improve project interfaces quickly by providing them with a collaborative workspace where they can share relevant feedback, prioritize better, and make better product decisions.

Perform in your expertise, capture your observations
and share them to your team without the hassle!

UX reviews

  • Use the ergonomic criteria to categorize your findings and make your team aware of UX best practices.
  • Focus on your expertise and save time doing reviews.
  • Perfect for UX designers and customer experience specialists.


  • Identify tweaks and improvements for your development team and share them in one tool.
  • Stop doing meetings and let your development teams focus.
  • Perfect for designers, product managers and developers.


  • Identify your competitor's strengths and weaknesses and compare them with custom grids.
  • Annotate sites and products while browsing and centralize information in one tool.
  • Perfect for product managers, UX designers and marketing and content teams.


  • Capture inspirations as soon as you see them and stop thinking about them until you need them.
  • Collect all your favorites pages in one place to discuss with your team.
  • Perfect for marketing, designers and the content teams.


  • Capture the improvements you need to do on your sites to better convert your visitors into customers.
  • Suggestion improved texts and call to actions to your team.
  • Perfect for marketing, copywriters and UX writers.


  • Document business interfaces and processes and decrease the learning curve.
  • Create always up-to-date and centralized documentation.
  • Perfect for designers, product managers and your customer support team.

Average customer gains


Time saved during the interface review process including the capturing, annotation, discussion, and prioritization of improvements. It’s time to quit the juggling act and focus on the project itself. Hello productivity!


Less review email threads cluttering your inbox. Besides, emails are not designed to track document suggestions. Say goodbye to those confusing email trails, and welcome clarity!


Less meetings thanks to the collaborative workspace and prioritization processes. Plus, you can communicate with your team in the updated document itself. Put those unnecessary meetings on hold and make way for free time!

Streamline your interface review process

Interface review streamlined with Capian Chrome Extension and mobile app

More time and more focus

Use the Chrome extension and mobile app to save screenshots and make annotations while you browse. Organize your recommendations and let Capian create your report. Less bouncing around, more time to focus.

Interface review team collaboration streamlined with Capian

Team discussions made easy

Discuss improvements with your team directly in Capian. Forget those messy email threads and confusing document versions.

Great for everybody!

For UX Professionals

Capian is an all-in-one UX review tool for user experience professionals. Great for expert reviews, UX/UI audits, and much more.

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For Product Managers

Capian is the best tool for Product Owners and Product Managers looking to optimize their Sprint Review process and build better product.

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A tool that’s completely unique

Created by UX professionals

Designed by an experienced UX team to address the interface improvements issues encountered by real teams working to solve real problems.

For the entire team

Designed with collaborative end-users in mind, Capian is simple enough for everyone to use, regardless of their expertise (UX, product, design, marketing, development, and management).

Recognized worldwide

Developed by a team of renowned UX professionals, Capian is taught in several schools, training centers, universities, and cited in multiple books.

Support from real people

Online, by phone or email, our team is readily available to help make your project a success. Plus, we speak English and French. Hello! Bonjour!

Always available

Just tell us what you need! Our Customer Success team is always listening and ready to help you unlock your full potential.

Export to your other tools

Send the prioritized improvements to your team task manager with our integrations for Jira, GitHub or GitLab.

How professionals use Capian



UX review

Mobile app and web site

Industrielle Alliance

Industrielle Alliance

Web properties review

Multiple B2C websites websites



Interface review

B2C web portal

What professionals are saying

I am absolutely delighted by Capian. It's a very easy tool to screen capture and classify bugs and issues according to predetermined criteria or your own. Plus, the report function makes it easy to export a pdf to stakeholders.

Catherine Roy, Freelance UX designer

<strong>Catherine Roy</strong>, Freelance UX designer

I'm really happy with @capianapp! I've saved hours of work on the UX reviews I've done with the tool. Good job!

Alain Robillard-Bastien, UX Expert - Ergoweb

<strong>Alain Robillard-Bastien</strong>, UX Expert - Ergoweb

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